The low resolution understanding of our world. 
We need an abstraction of the world to get to the core of things. The world around us is so immensely complicated and rich. We cannot possible comprehend it. You can see this necessary abstraction if you ask a child to draw a person. The child draws a stickman, this is in fact a very complicated abstraction of a real living man. But this thinking in abstractions as a practical necessity to get to the core of things, has a big cost. The high resolution and detail gets lost! It is this simplified imaginary that is paramount to how most people perceive the world from day to day. An image, a group identity, formals, rules. These become a place to hide behind when things get tough and personal. Everything is justified behind these formals. In Albert Camus his writing ' the human crisis' you learn about an SS officer tearing up the ears of a person he interrogates. The SS soldier can do these terrible painful things to another human being because his job asks this of him. The victim cannot speak to the officers humanity because he is just doing his job. Someone must do it, the officer is only a tool to get this thing done for the greater good of the group he is part off. He is not the one to decide or to answer for the crime! 
This is a big mistake, it should always be possible to address the individual. One should always be able to address you on your human dignity. This human dignity is universal in humans I believe. Everyone should cherish this dignity in him or her self. Be proud of it. And we have to defend it with everything we have. The offer to be made to maintain this dignity for oneself is to become less certain of oneself, less certain of your knowledge, less certain of power and authority, less rational, less quick in opinion, less judge-mental and less afraid of the other. We should aspire to be passionate people in life. Straighten your back and if you receive a blow in your face, receive it! And continue being fair, passionate, loving and trusting on the human dignity most of humans posses! 
Dominion over something you do not know, over someone you do not know, over a group you do not know is dangerous and tyrannical. Especially if for example this group is not really existing. In fact, on the bottom line. Only individuals exist. Group identity is an abstraction like the drawing of the stickman the little child made when it is asked to draw a person. 

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