In comes light and warmth only seen by the tallest of trees. 
5 oktober 2021

5 oktober 2021

Dirty little paws on bedroom walls
 cold northern light feeling blue. 
The lush purple Bindweed opens it's flowers to a morning drizzle. 
Catch of the day

6 oktober 2021

The days are flying fast, I have difficulty to get a grip on them. For today, this is the only photograph I made. Not a stunner in any stretch of the imagination. It was not meant to be pretty tho, it was to be send as a message to my girlfriend Mandy to show off todays catch. I got really exited this morning when I saw that the yellow autumn raspberries in our little garden where ready to eat. We first encountered the yellow raspberries in Denmark. There was a bush just besides the road when we where cycling in the direction of Hirtshals. These rasberries where the biggest I have seen to date and I was mezmerized by the fact that they where yellow. So when we got home and got acces to the garden behind the house I wanted a yellow raspberry bush for myself and found one at a local garden centre. and took it home.
We also got seeds of a wild strawberry that gives berries the whole season and a normal one that continues to deliver.
In Norway in particular, when we were cycling in the mountains. The sweet scent of the wild strawberries besides the road made us stop several times a day. We would jump off our bikes and would pick them in a frenzy.  
We have taken a small part of that trip with us to our little garden. 

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