For this serie of portraits I wanted to have as much controle as possible as a photographer. I wanted to get behind this mask that comes up when expectations arise.  A friend of mine guided the people to a stool and left the room. The people unaware that someone else (me) was in the room and unaware of what was about to happen waited in silence. Sometimes they asked something. Nobody answered. Because I was in the room for a long time and my eyes were adjusted to the lack of light I could see their silhouet before me. They could not see me.  Two meter or so in front of me. The people turned into themselves. After a time of waiting and silence I would press the shutter release. One single flash fired that exposed the sitters. 
I tried to have full controle over the situation. The sitters did not have any expectations, they even did not know that they were being photographed. The last sitter sat down with her eyes closed from the beginning until the end. With this move she corrupted my controle and ended the serie. 

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