Cycling is slow enough to experience the landscape, in all it's colour, smells, temperature, scenery. cycling is fast enough to cover great distances in a couple of days or weeks.
 Cycling is apparently the most effective muscle powered way to propel ourselfs through the landscape we humans know off. It is addictive to be moving so effortlessly. It is hard to stop and make a photograph. You want to continue. You can carry more in your cycling bags than you can carry on your back while walking. It is relatively cheap. Relatively clean, it is relatively an easy thing to do. 
There is some discomfort. But maybe, if you think of the history of human lives through the centuries. The fact that you can choose for discofort, is maybe the greatest luxery there is. 

Have you seen the small Guillemots swimming. The black and white birds dive under when the mist horn blows it's low vibrating sound. Waves like giant ripples follow the ship soundless smooth. Look in the distance. A Humpback whale carried to the surface water looms then bulges and slides back down. 

In wet humid air, covered with lichen. Stone and plaster protect from gales and cold. Within a fire warms and dries. Grey fumes are blown over the grasses and rocks outside and carry the sweet smell of burning peat. 
The Island of Bara
Roads and MEADOWS
I love to see the landscape slide away. I love the flower beds beside the road. the Pinks, purples, yellows, whites, greens, reds and even silvers. Some flower borders are high and extravagant others are lower, more mixed with green reticent grasses. 
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