Wibe Koopman is born in 1993 in the small city of Hellevoetsluis situated  in a coastal area in the Netherlands. His childhood was spend split between spending time the woods behind the parental house and the tennis court.  Now he works from a wooden house tugged away in the woodland of the Veluwe. He focusses himself on a rethink on distributing and creating visual stories and the role of the photographer. In order to find the challenges that we have to address or overcome and to find other perspectives for telling stories.
Trying to understand why people put themselves in devisions and take on a certain national identity. He traveled along the full length of the Dutch border not only trying to unwrap the illusion that the border is but also learn why this illusion is in some ways necessary. 
Traveling by car, it made him think about the speed of traveling and gathering images and stories. 

Graphic Lyceum Rotterdam, photography
University of the Arts Utrecht, photography

He has worked in collaboration with Diederik Veerman for 50th anniversary World Forum The Hague, CaribbeanTies Museon The Hague.

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