I get my inspiration from the world and my camera is an excuse to get to places where I normaly never come and to meet people I normally never meet. I’m not trying to just register the world around me. I’m searching for people and places that are changing and i’m photographing to broaden our view of the physical world around us. I find it important to truly understand the subjects I photograph and that takes time. If something is changing slowly I want to see the proces of this change and not just a single serie of photographs taken in a few ours. As humans beings we feel us often seperated from nature. It looks as if we are not part of it but I think nothing is less true. Cities and even buildings are part of nature, we create nature ourselves. I feel the need to connect people with their surounding and with eachother. I see the world as one big living organism. We have to cooperate with this organism but the only way to do this is cooperate with eachother. We need to connect. I love esthetics and till now this is often the starting point of my work. But I believe esthetics are just a way to attrackt interest for the story. As an storyteller I want to transfer my ideas and my point of view to the audience. I do this by telling stories from my point of view. Anekdotes. The audience has a very important rol for me. The give me the drive to make my work and tell stories. My goal is to broaden their view on their surounding . The audience must get an idea that they have learned something
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